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The Breathwork Summit 2022

Experience the Art & Science of Breathwork to Shift Your Physiology, Transform Trauma & Build Resilience

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Ancestral Healing Summit 2022

Break the Cycle of Ancestral Trauma to Ground Yourself in Power, Purpose & Inner Peace

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Experience Lucid Dreamplay to Transcend Fear & Become a Conscious Creator of Your Reality

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Explore the Wisdom of Your Cellular Memory Through a Multisensory Experience for Deeper Intuition, Manifestation & Self-Healing

A Free Video Event With Energy Medicine Healer & Medium Marie Manuchehri, RN

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Explore the Paradox of Ego With the Wisdom of the Enneagram

Explore how the uncultivated gifts of your ego can help you shift into embodied presence, kindness, and self-awareness

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Awaken Your Third Eye to Access Your Intuition, Creativity & Bliss — and Become a Living Light for the World

Awaken Your Third Eye to Access Your Intuition, Creativity & Bliss and Become a Living Light For the World A Free Video Event With Spiritual Teacher, Filmmaker, and Speaker Raja Choudhury

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4 Secrets for Empaths & Sensitives to Transform Anxiety and Fear, Ignite Healing & Heighten Intuition

A Free Video Event With Psychiatrist, Empath & New York Times Bestselling Author Judith Orloff, MD

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Discover the Mystical, Feminine Map to Transformation Hidden in Christianity’s 4 Gospels

A Free Video Event With Founder and Director of Quadratos: Four Paths-One Journey Alexander John Shaia, PhD

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3 Steps to Develop Authentic Messaging & Attract Clients to Your Transformational Work

For Coaches, Healers & Holistic Practitioners 3-Steps to Develop Authentic Messaging and Attract Clients To Your Transformational Work A Free Video Event With Co-Founder of Thrive Academy Sharla Jacobs

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Experience Deep Clearing EFT to Transmute Limiting Emotions & Align With Your True Presence

A Free Video Event With Energy Psychology Pioneer, Creator of Soul Weaving, Director of Magdalena Healing Mary Sise, LCSW

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Discover How the Somatic Pandiculation Technique Restores Optimal Movement & Reduces Chronic Pain & Tension

Discover How the Somatic Pandiculation Technique Restores Optimal Movement and Reduces Chronic Pain & Tension A Free Video Event With Founder of Essential Somatics(r) and Author of Move Without Pain Martha Peterson, CCSE

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David Crow, LAc
Illuminated Herbalism Certification Program

Immerse yourself in the practical knowledge of the Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western botanical medicine traditions, and experience contemplative practices guided by one of today’s most celebrated herbal medicine experts to rejuvenate yourself for a long life and spiritual illumination.

Jessica Dibb
Russ Hudson
Unlock the Power of the Enneagram for Radical Self-Acceptance & Spiritual Evolution

Explore the Enneagram as a dynamic tool for revealing and evolving the wholeness of who you are, so you can live in full embodied presence, with profound self-acceptance and empathy for others — and bring new levels of wellbeing, wisdom, and creativity to your life and relationships.

Dr. Clare Johnson
Shadow & Consciously Create Your Reality

Engage in powerful, yet gentle dream re-entry techniques to harvest wisdom from your dreams — particularly those that are unsettling — to transmute fear, darkness, and unresolved trauma and loss into healing power, purpose, and joy.

Alexander John Shaia, PhD
Walk the Mystical 4-Path Journey of Transformation

Travel the 4-Path Journey that underlies all great spiritual traditions, through the lens of Christiany’s 4 gospels — and awaken to a deeper reality that liberates you from fear and cultivates trust for a richer, happier, more purposeful life.

Raja Choudhury
Open Your Third Eye

Receive ancient Indian wisdom and practices to activate your gateway to higher consciousness — and access vast reservoirs of peace, stillness, inner light, and divine guidance.

Judith Orloff, MD
For Empaths & Sensitives Ignite the Intuitive Power of Your Emotions to Heal & Transform Fear, Anxiety, Loneliness & Disappointment

Transform challenging emotions like anxiety, frustration, depression, and anger into uplifting, life-affirming ones — as you embrace more happiness, empathy, intuition, peace, and mastery over negativity.

Sharla Jacobs
The Client Attraction Code for Success

Connect with your ideal clients as you showcase your passion for what you do — using a proven heart-based selling approach.

Mary Sise, LCSW
Unveil the Power of Your Presence With Deep Clearing EFT

Delve into the energetics of your personality to recognize what's blocking you from aligning with your soul — and use Mary’s powerful customized EFT practice to transmute contracted energy as you uncover and embody the real you.

Martha Peterson, CCSE
Gentle, Effective Somatic Practices to Move From Pain to a Life Full of New Possibilities

Release tension in your muscles, calm your nervous system, and reverse the feeling of “getting old” through a variety of gentle yet powerful movements that can greatly reduce pain and provide more ease and mobility so you can fully thrive.

Grandmother Flordemayo
Grandmother Flordemayo’s Sacred Wisdom Circle

Join Grandmother Flordemayo and other celebrated wisdom keepers twice each month — to receiveabsorb their profound wisdom, access the energies and inspiration of the Daylords, receive answers to your deepest questions, and refine the timeless wisdom that’s already within you.

Krista Holland
The Sacred Frame Drum’s Ancient Wisdom & Modern Healing Power

Learn to play the frame drum — or refine your existing skills — by immersing yourself in its techniques and ancient cross-cultural history to feel peace, balance, and a deep connection with others.

Anthony Abbagnano
Conscious Breathwork to Ignite New Possibilities & Your Deepest, Most Vibrant Self

Experience conscious connected breathing techniques to tap into your subconscious, release old patterns, and refuel your life with inner authority, purpose, and unlimited possibility — for far-reaching, sustainable transformation.

Kelly Sullivan Walden
The Way of the Awakened Dreamer

Dream to awaken your authentic self and the inner wildness that you entered the world with for a life of divine inspiration, empowered intention, and unabashed freedom.

Dr. Melanie Smith
Tap Into Your Vagus Nerve’s Healing Power to Rewire Your Nervous System for Optimal Health

Master simple energy medicine self-care techniques to support and restore your parasympathetic nervous system — and activate your vagus nerve, unlocking radiant mind-body health.

Dr. Bradley Nelson
Activate Health, Abundance & Love With the Emotion Code

Locate and remove trapped emotions and identify the underlying causes of illness using the Emotion Code so you can address your health issues — and heal inherited trauma patterns in your family lineage — to live a happier, more abundant life.



Michael B. Beckwith
Gregg Braden
Sandra Ingerman
Ram Dass
Anita Moorjani
David Crow, LAc
Dr. Sue Morter
Andrew Harvey
Russ Hudson
Stanislav Grof
Mona Delfino
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
don Miguel Ruiz
Stephen Dinan & Devaa Haley Mitchell
don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Sera Beak
Anodea Judith
Robert Moss
Daisy Lee
Raja Choudhury
Eileen McKusick
Grandmother Flordemayo
Alison Armstrong
Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD


I am blown away by the quality provided by THE SHIFT NETWORK. I have enrolled in two courses thus far — the magnitude, the depth, the intelligence, the knowledge, and the teaching… is nothing but amazing!

— Dominique P. Gervais

I had no idea I would experience lasting effects. Thanks to all your presenters and your time and hard work to make it happen — I am recommending Shift to all my fellow journeyers!

— Allyson

Sharing my intense gratitude for the course I decided to take through you with Gregg Braden. Over and over again, I find myself sort of broken open directly to humbling gratitude — my heart is laid bare in the most beautiful way that there is a new level of astonishment!

— Canela Michelle

I am very grateful to The Shift Network for not only bringing Adrianna and her very precious wisdom to me, but for being so kind and thoughtful about the way you do it. I'm speaking for myself but I'm certain that many other attendees feel the same gratitude. Thank you from my whole heart.

— Joan Randolph

Thank you for your recent conversation with Curtrice Goddard about race on this year's EM Summit. This was the most inspiring talk I've ever heard on The Shift Network. Helping to make energy medicine more available to communities of color has been on my mind as I think about shaping my own energy medicine practice. Thank you so much for all the beautiful work that you do!

— Gladys Kravitz

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the beautiful work you are doing. You are bringing so much light, calm and inspiration into our very souls. I have enjoyed several summits and explored areas I may not have considered before, and I am growing in such expansive ways.

— Dawn Schwarz

If you find a Shift Network course of interest, I highly recommend it. I’ve taken three courses so far and have been very satisfied with the instructors, course homepages, having access to transcripts/videos indefinitely and the technical support staff. Extremely enlightening and professionally done. Bravo!

— Kathleen D.

The Shift Network has excellent and skilled presenters that offer programs to assist people in navigating their personal healing journeys. And the format in which it is presented is very professional and made with user friendly capabilities even for those of us who are not tech savvy. I would highly recommend them as I feel they are working from the utmost integrity.

— Candice B



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